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About Us 

English Focus, Ma Wan was opened and registered with the Hong Kong Education Bureau in 2011 (EDB Reg No:589080). English Focus is the only British owned and managed school in Ma Wan with a team of excellent, qualified and experienced native British teachers. We wanted to offer modern Inquiry-based education with complete English immersion and to create a place where children will thrive, embrace English language and culture in order to ultimately become fully fluent and literate, whilst setting themselves up for a bright multi-lingual future. We wanted to create a space to teach children in a fun and friendly environment that encourages natural acquisition.

木校位於馬灣, 並於2011年向香港教育局註冊(註冊編號: 589080) 。本校是一所由英國人創辦及管理的學校,並由有經驗的英籍老師教授課程。



Welcome back! English Focus will be reopening on 1st June. Come and catch up on missed curriculum and get ahead with your English again!



Enrollment open! Seats are filling up fast, so come and sign up today to avoid disappointment!

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Why are we different


  • Small classes with a maximum of 4-6 children

  • All our teachers are highly experienced and qualified native English speakers

  • All teachers are from the UK (100% British)

  • Learning English is fun and interesting 

  • Complete language immersion with all lessons taught solely in English

  • Proprietary teaching materials

  • Certificate of Completion for students who complete full length of course


We are unlike any other learning centre as we have a 100% British team of teachers. We offer a high standard of teaching in a fun and caring environment.


  • 4至6人小班教學

  • 本校聘用具豐富經驗及合乎資格的老師

  • 全英藉老師(100%英國)

  • 愉快地學習英語

  • 以全英授課

  • 專業的教材

  • 頒授證書給完成課程

本教育中心之特色為: 我們的老師團隊是100%來自英國。我們為學生提供優質教學環境並注重愉快學習。

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