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Student progress tracking 学生进步 

communicating our students' progress and continued study focus to parents is the key to success  


As your child's progress with their English studies is of the utmost importance to us, we write bi-annual progress reports for all of those students who have been attending consistently for at least 2 months. Progress reports enable our teachers to communicate what your child has achieved in the past 6 months and also a plan of continued study over the following 6 months. In addition to these progress reports, our teachers are always happy to discuss your child's progress at anytime during their learning journey at English Focus.

If your child has been studying at English Focus for less than 2 months, of course their progress is just as important. After their first month at English Focus our teachers write a "My First Month' report. This report tells you about the initial progress that your child has made during their first month of studying English and also shows what the teacher plans for the coming months until their next progress report is due. 



  • Areas of improvement and what your child is able to do (that they couldn't do before) 

  • Grades in different language skills

  • Continued study plan for next 6 months

  • What goals they had and how they acheived those goals through learning at EF



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