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Client Discounts 折扣 

Contact us for more details about our discount schemes


Like us on facebook and follow us on Instagram to receive 5% discount on one full month's tuition fees.讚好本校Facebook及Instagram可於一個月學費獲95折

Both your child and your friend's child will receive 10% discount off one full month's tuition fees.推薦朋友入讀: 兩者均可在一個月學費享有9折優惠


Enrol one child at full price and get 5% discount on subsequent sibling's monthly tuition fees. 

同屬優惠: 兩個或以上兄弟姊妹入讀其中一個學生可在每月享有95折

All NEW and RETURNING students receive 10% off the first full month's tuition fees.新生及復讀學生均可在首個月享有9折優惠

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