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What people saY 家長評語

client testimonials 


                            I would recommend English                             Focus to any parent who                                 wants their child to learn                                 English in a relaxed and                                 inspirational manner. The teachers are encouraging, helpful and kind. They guide and interact with our child professionally and patiently. Their standard of work is highly appreciated. One additional point useful to me is that my child does not need to travel to another location for her tuition as the teacher kindly comes to my place which truly alleviates any burden.


Mrs. Irene Luk (Michelle's mum)

                            Yuki has studied at English                               Focus since K1. The teachers                               are experienced and caring.                             Yuki enjoys the lessons and                               has made good progress in speaking and writing English.


Rennie (Yuki's mum)

                            Thanks so much for helping                             Matthew with his P1                                         interview training. He has                                 been offered a place at                                 Raimondi College in Wanchai and we are so happy about this great news! Thanks to all the teachers at English Focus. I am so happy with all your hard work and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for fantastic native English teachers in Ma Wan.


Mrs. Tse (Matthew's mum)

                            English Focus is an ideal                                 place to learn English. Sonja                             loves the teachers and starts                             speaking English and                                     repeating what she learnt at home. I especially like the reading corner in the centre where we can always pick a good book to take home to read. 


Mrs. Kam (Sonja's mum)

Michelle Lo
Nord Anglia
International School
Matthew Tse
Raimondi College (Wanchai)

"We are very pleased and would definitely recommend English Focus to other parents."

"I would highly recommend English Focus to anyone looking for fantastic native English teachers in

Ma Wan."

Coco Lee
Kei wai primary school
Ma wan
Sonja Kam
Creative Kindergarten
Ma wan
Yuki cheung
St. paul's co. Ed
Primary school

                            The teachers and staff are                               very patient with the                                       students. They are all very                               experienced in education.


                            Mrs. Lee (Coco's mum)

Constance leung
singapore international school

                            With help from Miss. Laura, I                                   realised that not only my                                       spoken English improved but                                 also my writing skills. Although I                             have been consistently reading English books I still find some unfamiliar words, but after Miss. Laura's detailed explanation, my vocabulary has significantly improved. Thanks Miss. Laura!


Constance Leung

"All the teachers are very loving and they care about every student's progress."

Ethan Chan
Nord anglia
international school

                            I have pleasure in                                       recommending English                                 Focus and Miss. Laura. She                             began to help my son,                                 Ethan with English writing and grammar at the beginning of this school year. My son is not exactly the most attentive student, still Miss. Laura taught him with kindness and patience. She also adjusts her teaching method based on my son's needs and personality. For example, other than just paper work, she uses props and videos to grab his interest. My son loves to work with Miss. Laura very much.


Daisy (Ethan's mum)

                            Ethan has joined English                                   Focus for over 3 years. 

                            Ethan’s English was not very                               good in PN. We learnt that                                 there was an English learning centre in Ma Wan and the teachers are all from England and speak with clear British accents, thus we enrolled Ethan at English Focus. At first Ethan joined the Interactive English for Young Learners class and it initiated his interest in English. He has made a lot of progress in speaking, listening, reading, phonics and grammar. Most importantly, Ethan’s no longer shy to speak English and my foreigner friends are all surprised at how good his English is. Now Ethan is P1 and he is having home tuition with teachers from English Focus since we moved away from Ma Wan. The class teacher of Ethan said that Ethan’s doing very well in English and is top student in English. We are very pleased and would definitely recommend English Focus to other parents.


Jenny (Ethan's mum)

Thank you to all the teachers at English Focus. They are all very loving and they care about every student's progress. I am thrilled to see my sons, Davis and Osmond making a huge progress and deeply appreciate the teachers' help. 


Cannis (Davis and Osmond's mum)

Ethan Pang
Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Primary School
davis Chan
Kei wai primary school, ma wan
Osmond Chan
creative kindergarten, ma wan
Anson mak
Raimondi College

                            I am very pleased that                                   Anson has improved a lot.                               The teacher comes at least 5                             minutes before the lesson to                             discuss the areas that Anson                             might need to concentrate on and after the lesson she will tell me about his progress too. Overall I am very happy with the teacher and the methods she uses too.


                            Lynn (Anson's mum)

"The teacher kindly comes to my place which truly alleviates any burden."

"All the teachers are from England and speak with clear British accents"

Zanna Chan
St. paul's co. Ed Primary school
Arthur Chan
hong kong tang king
po college, wanchai

Zanna and Arthur enjoy the English lessons with Miss. Kelly. Her kindness, encouragement and patience inspire them positively and confidently in learning English. Thanks EF and Kelly! 


Kitty (Zanna and Arthur's mum)

"English Focus is an ideal place to learn English."

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